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Meet Jeff DiToro

Jeff DiToro is a dynamic visionary, serial entrepreneur, digital artisan, communicator, and thought leader; passionate about design, technology, and developing great products. He is professionally accomplished at assertive technology innovation and breaking into new markets, converting fore-running ideas into profitable results from concept to launch for both startups and global enterprises. For more than two decades, Jeff has been an avant-garde change agent helping companies realize new innovation and revenue opportunities.

Born From humble beginnings to a proud heritage of game-changing innovation, Jeff DiToro is a consultant and the founder of DijaBull, a San Diego California based boutique agency leading the Digital Revolution with mastery, transforming businesses with industry-changing methods of the future to stay more than competitive and far ahead of the game.

He is an advocate for the Makers, an important sub-culture of the population, a set of people who produce items of value and apply a passionate mindset to their craft. His Maker paradigm is renowned for seeing trends early and identifying tectonic change within markets, transforming business positions accordingly to capitalize on the resulting imminent opportunities. Jeff helps entrepreneurs and businesses alike to prepare for the digital future that is fast approaching.

A man on a mission with his unrelenting spirit as a trailblazer and his boldness to go all-in, time and time again, Jeff DiToro serves entrepreneurs and risk takers by nature the world over. He is living proof how one’s fearless dedication and love for both business and family can redefine modern success.